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DigiCon15 – What I’ve Learnt

July 29, 2015 by Mrs Hurley   

It’s Monday morning and I’m still coming down from my 2 days at Digi Con 2015.

Digi Con is an annual conference, hosted by the DLTV. The conference spans 2 days but you can choose either/or/both to attend. There is a mixture of workshops to attend, keynote speakers and the popular Spark Talks, a 12 minute TED style talk. More information on the sessions that were run this year is here.

I attended a couple of workshops, all of the keynotes and a few Spark Talks. One of the good things about Digi Con is that, even though you’ve signed up for workshops, you can be in charge of your own learning and go wherever you want to.

I’ve decided to reflect on my experiences in a different way, purely because I don’t want to bore everyone with a recount but also because I believe that the most valuable lessons I learnt over my 2 days were from my PLN (Professional Learning Network).

So, without much further ado, I present…

Lessons I learnt from my PLN at Digi Con 2015

From Rick Kayler-Thomson (@rakt) I learnt that being a regular teacher is OK. We can’t do everything but that doesn’t stop us from trying! It’s OK to fail sometimes.

From Adam Lavars (@AdamLavars) and Lee Burns (leeburns82) I learnt that the connections that you make are important. If you put in the effort (especially to group assignments!) what you get back is far better.

From Hamish Curry (@hamishcurry) I’ve learnt (amongst many other banana related things) that feeling shit is OK – it’s part of the creative process.

From Anthony Speranza (@anthsperanza) I learnt to never stop trying to disrupt the education system. Don’t be the ostrich with your head in the sand – be the meerkat!

From Narissa Leung (@rissL) I learnt the importance of taking risks. I also learnt that there are some things that you can’t change but there’s no point in worrying about them – change the things that you can.

From Michael Ha (@Nerdyphyseder) I learnt what it means to be a lifelong learner. The Sydney-sider who took many risks!

 The main take aways from DigiCon were nothing to do with technologies. The messages that I took away were;

  • Take Risks
  • Develop Curiosity and Creativity
  • Make It Happen

There are many others in my PLN that I have learnt from – the best part about it is that I continue to learn from these wonderful people all the time. So the last thing that I will encourage you to do is to get connected, expand your PLN and learn from them every day.

Big thanks and congratulations to Mel Cashen (@melcashen), Bec Spink (@BecSpink) and the rest of the wonderful DLTV Team for a wonderful conference.

To the rest of my PLN whom I haven’t mentioned by name here, that certainly doesn’t mean that I haven’t learnt from you! My brain hurts thinking of everything at the moment so I need a rest.

Stay tuned for more posts on DigiCon…


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