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Education Bucket List

June 29, 2014 by Mrs Hurley   

Inspired by Alex Semmens (@AlexSemm) and the #EduBucketList, I’ve decided to create my own bucket list for “education stuff I want to do before I retire” So, here is a list of goals that I want to achieve before I retire. I have no doubt I will change my mind on a couple of these goals by the end of the year or next year!

  • Attend ISTE Conference – International Society for Technology in Education. These conferences are held annually in the USA and I’m always jealous of those who have attended. I follow the Twitter hashtag (#ISTE2014 or #ISTE14) which helps alleviate my envy a little because it feels like I’m there.  This is the conference that has inspired both mine and Alex Semmens’ #EduBucketList
  • Attend a Google Apps for Education Summit – I came oh-so-close to attending a Summit this year. I actually attended a Boot Camp for Google Apps with the idea of taking my exams and hopefully becoming accepted as a Google Trainer. Attending a Summit (from what I’ve heard) is an amazing experience and the exposure to the possibilities of using GAfE in schools is incomparable to anything that can be found on the internet.
  • Complete GAFE exams and become a Google Educator. Create video, get accepted as Google Trainer!
  • Attend a DLTV conference (formerly ICTEV) either as an attendee or a presenter…
  • Become a team leader
  • Become an eLearning leader and coach staff in my school (either still working in the classroom or just part-time)
  • Make my name known in Education circles
  • Present at a conference
  • Complete my Masters in Education
  • Continue blogging with students
  • Keep learning and keep changing my practice to best suit my students

I think because I am still an Early Careers Teacher, I should have much, much more on my list!

I guess I can’t really add any other conference opportunities or anything because I’m not entirely sure what is still out there!

Do you have any other “must do” suggestions for me? Tell me a little about them!


  1. Alex Semmens says:

    That’s a fantastic list! Short, mid and long term goals are so important for educators and you have created the perfect compilation for your own learning and the success of your learners. Great stuff! Now, I better get to work on my own…

    • Miss Fraser says:

      Thanks Alex. Sometimes I forget the importance of goal setting so it’s great to get back into it. Let me know when yours is done – I would love to read it 🙂

  2. Aaron Davis says:

    Great list Katelyn. Has left me thinking about what I would have on mine and whether there would be anything different. In regards to the Google Summit, I went last year (reflection here: Chris Betcher provided a great array of resources for his presentations ( and if you feel like you missed out, start there.

    • Miss Fraser says:

      Thanks Aaron. I will start there and go through the readings. I am loving holidays at the moment as I am spending so much time reading, reflecting and being inspired (similar to your blog title!). I have a big back log of things to catch up on and I really don’t think 2 weeks is enough! Hopefully you can get me a free ticket to a GAFE Summit when you present there one day! Would you have anything different to my list?

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