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Time for a change

December 7, 2013 by Mrs Hurley   

It’s official!

I have been told that next year I will be moving year levels from a 5/6 classroom to a 3/4 class!

How do I feel about that?

Well, I actually don’t know. I have mixed emotions about it.

I am excited because I have had an exhausting year with a bad combination of students in my class (see “It’s been a great year“) and I think having younger students, it will be easier to set clear expectations without challenges.

I am disappointed because I’ve spent a large chunk of this year gathering ideas to use in my 1:1 classroom. The 3/4s are not 1:1 – they have a trolley of netbooks and tablets (Samsung… which I know nothing about and much prefer Apple) which have 6 netbooks available all the time and if I wanted to do any 1:1 activities, I would have to negotiate to borrow from the other 6 classrooms. I don’t yet know how it’s going to work but I need to be flexible and adapt.

Also, I don’t know much about AUSVELS Level 3 and 4. I don’t know much about the curriculum below Year 5 and 6 – but I do know what I wish my kids were able to do when they come into 5/6.

So many ideas are running around my head at the moment – things I need to set up, checklists, blogs ARGH.

 Have you moved year levels or subjects this year? How are you feeling about moving or staying the same position? Any tips or ideas for teaching 3/4s for me?!

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  1. Miss T says:

    Katelyn, I LOVE Yr 3/4! It’s such a rewarding age range to teach! If you’re interested in a Year 4 blogging connection, or Skype, don’t hesitate to ask!
    This was my first year in Year 4 and a few of your reasons for disappointment for big points for me too. I really made it known to leadership that I had put in too much work and effort into the Year 4 curriculum and the surrounding IT context to move from that Year level. I think the curriculum in Year 4 is fantastic – especially the cultural connections in history and now geography also!

    Feel free to check out any of our shenanigans in Year 4 this year- 🙂
    Happy moving!

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