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September, 2013

  1. Hopelessness

    September 23, 2013 by Mrs Hurley

    Over the past couple of weeks in particular, I have noticed the absolute time-wasting questions I am asked throughout the day. These usually happen after I have explained an activity but can be asked at any stage during the day. Here are just a couple of examples;

    • Which book do I stick it in?
    • The question says I have to write sentences/rearrange/do something extra – do I have to do it?
    • How long until lunch time?
    • Are we going to play a Maths game today?
    • I can’t find my pen/scissors/pencil case (OK, so this is not a question but the way it is said like it’s MY responsibility to immediately click my fingers and make these items appear is something I get A LOT!)

    I don’t want to spend my precious teaching time solving minor issues – I (try to) strongly encourage independence and I want my students to be the problem solvers, not me!

    I am so sick of my own name being said in a whiny voice. And I am trying my damn hardest to ignore/re-direct these questions but the kids just don’t seem to be getting the hint. I know I’m probably not handling it in the best way but what else can I do?

    Have you had these issues in your classroom before? How did you encourage independence and “thinking for yourself” without coming off as careless? Do you think these habits are formed at home because the kids are so used to parents doing everything for them? How do you then get them to “do it for themselves” at school (and hopefully continue to do so in their everyday lives?)

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