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My First Post

August 11, 2013 by Mrs Hurley   

Who would’ve thought that I’d be inspired enough to create my own personal blog?

After attending the Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century Face-to-Face session on Friday and listening to all of our speakers, I came to a couple of conclusions.

1. I need to make a bigger (positive) digital footprint
I consider myself pretty tech savvy. I can usually fix any problems that the kids have with their netbooks without calling the technician. I use Facebook & Twitter personally. I moderate our class blog. I have organised Mystery Skypes & Guest Speaker Skypes for my students. However… I Googled myself the other day (something I swore I wouldn’t do – thanks Jenny Luca!) and was unusually disappointed. 3310 results. Most of which belong to a photography in America who shares my name (unique spelling and all.. I’m annoyed.) The thought occurred to me that this didn’t mean I wasn’t “good” with technology, this just meant I didn’t have such a huge online presence and I’m only just starting out. And that’s OK but I’d love to have a bigger name online (for good reasons of course).

2. I’m on the right track with our class blog
So far this year, my students have Quadblogged, Mystery Skyped, Tweeted (haphazardly) and Skyped with a teacher in Japan & a class in Malaysia to learn more about their culture for our Asia unit. Not to mention all of the positive outcomes just having a class blog has, such as improved writing skills when learning to write a quality comment. Can’t wait to start using Google Docs in the class!

3. Nothing beats the connections I’ve made to other teachers this year
It’s awesome.

Finally, I’ll leave you with an important message I picked up on, shared with us by Peter Maggs. We can’t stand by and be aloof like cats. We all need to dive in with constant enthusiasm and “be more dog”!

So, I’ve hoping to update my blog at least weekly. I’m really hoping it doesn’t just fall to the floor because I forget to post.

Have you done any of the mentioned online ‘things’ with your class? What difficulties have you faced when creating your own personal blog? If you attended the Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century session, what did you think? What was your favourite part of the day?


  1. Celia says:

    Good on you Katelyn,
    It is a bit scary taking the first steps towards ‘exposing’ your professional thinking (or at least it was for me), but as I have experienced it is well worth the angst.
    You are doing great things with your class – I would love to do a mystery Skype but have never got around to it. The Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century program sounds great and I thank you for sharing what you are learning.
    I find blogging to be a wonderful way to make me think, I used to get bothered by getting no comments but I found that many people do read, but only a small percentage actually comment. In the end, I realised that the process of writing was what was important and feedback was a pleasant bonus.
    Good luck with the course and your blog.

    Celia @ccoffa

    • Miss Fraser says:

      Hi Celia,
      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      The TL21C Program has been amazing so far – very inspiring and I find the people that I’ve met (even in the past week at TeachMeet and TL21C) are just the greatest bunch of people and are extremely inspiring.
      I think I’m a little like you with blogging. I think it will be cathartic and reflective and I hope that people will stop by and comment instead of lurking. But then, lurking is learning and at least people are taking the time to read my blabbering. You’re right when you say that the process of writing the the important part.
      I will keep you updated with TL21C and hopefully I’ll get to chat with you at the next TeachMeet! (P.S. I completed the survey for you too!)
      Katelyn 🙂

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